Sketchnoting is a form of graphic recording, where I draw live the contents of your next meeting, presentation, or phone call. Click here for examples:
Live Sketch Noting is a form of graphic recording that captures and conveys the contents of a discussion as it occurs. Think of idea mapping, but with more imagery. This could be your next presentation, corporate meeting, or even a phone call.
Paul Mackender is a graphic recording artist based in Kansas City with a wide range of services. Click here for examples of Graphic Recording, Visual Notetaking, and Sketch notes.
Sketches are nice, but sometimes you need to walk away with the bigger picture. This form of graphic recording expands beyond the small talk and crams an entire initiative into a single glance. ​​​​​​​
The graphic recordings shown above are made in a vector format, which means these illustrations can scale to fit a variety of sizes and needs. You can use them for your flier, website, billboard, or even broken into layers to be animated:

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